Binance Bitcoin-Birzha opened the seventh unit in Ireland as part of expansion to Europe. This is evidenced by the data of the local bureau of registration of companies.

Gemini was the first in Ireland a license for digital assets provider

Gemini cryptocurrency exchange has received the approval of the Central Bank of Ireland for activities as a provider of services in the digital assets market.

Gemini received a license of an electronic money operator in Ireland

The Cryptocurrency Exchange of the Gemini Winklvossi brothers received a license of an electronic money operator from the Central Bank of Ireland.

BNY MELLON will create a casteadian in Ireland against the backdrop of Bitcoin criticism by local Central Bank

Bank of New York Mellon (BNY MELLON) with $ 2.2 trillion assets under control announced the creation of the Digital Innovation Hube. The structure will allow customers to store, transfer and issue digital assets, writes Business Post.

In the Central Bank of Ireland, cryptocurrencies for speculative and unregulated

The head of the financial control department of the Central Bank of Ireland Derville Rowland said that cryptocurrency investors risk losing all invested funds.

Residents of Ireland have lost millions of euros on "investment in Bitcoin"

Ireland Police is investigating a fraudulent scheme to attract investment investments from wealthy people.

Ireland will tighten the regulation of the cryptocurrency industry

Since April, the Central Bank of Ireland will expand the law to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism on cryptocurrency industry. It is reported by Irish Independent.

Dublin resident was sentenced to a prison term for the theft of $ 2 million in cryptocurrency

District Criminal Court Dublin sentenced a local resident of Conor Freeman to a prison term for the theft of more than $ 2 million in cryptocurrency through the SIM cards substitution. This is reported by The Irish Times.

Ireland will tighten the regulation of the cryptocurrency industry

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ireland intends to introduce more stringent norms for countering money laundering and financing terrorism using cryptocurrencies, reports Irish Examiner.

Ireland law enforcement officers did not receive access to Bitcoin by the drug dealer at $ 57 million due to the loss of keys

CAB Bureau (CAB) of Ireland cannot access 6,000 bitcoins confiscated from the drug dealer. He claims that he has lost private keys from wallets, reports Irish https://gagarin.news/news/the-largest-exchange-in-europe-white-bit-launches-its-token/ Times.

In Ireland, the drug dealer lost bitcoins $ 56 million

Ireland’s criminal assets bureau confiscated 52 million euros ($ 56 million) in the first cryptocurrency after the Supreme Court recognized the assets with criminal income. This is reported by Independent.

Coinbase has received a license for the provision of services in Ireland http://coin-graph.website/?p=794 on the eve of Brexit

The Central Bank of Ireland issued Coinbase for operations with electronic money (E-Money).

From Dublin with love: where are the traces of Bitcoin-Birzhi Bitsane, which disappeared with millions of euros

In mid-June, the website of the Irish bitcoin-birgi Bitsane, launched in November 2016, was suddenly empty, accounts on social networks were deleted, and almost 250 thousand users disappeared along with the founders. It’s not that the eczit-scams were a rarity in the cryptocurrency industry, but it turned out that the traces of the Dublin exchange were leading to Eastern Europe.

Ireland authorities will tighten the requirements for cryptocurrency companies

The Ireland Government approved the amendments to the legislation on countering money laundering and financing terrorism, which also has points on tightening the supervision of cryptocurrency exchanges and other companies of the Bitcoin industry. This is reported by The Irish Times.

In the case of an drug trafficking with Silk Road, Ireland recognized Ethereum cryptocurrency "crime income"

The High Court of Ireland created a legal precedent, recognizing the cryptocurrency of Ethereum (ETH) belonging to the drug dealer after “income from crime” after he sentenced him to the sentence in 2015. It is reported by Irish Examiner.

Coinbase will open a representative office in Dublin

The leading American cryptocurrency company Coinbase will open an office in Dublin, Ireland.

Irish Bitcoin-Broker accused the banks of discrimination against cryptocurrency entrepreneurs

The co-founder of the Irish Bitcoin-Broker Ericoin Dave Fleming accused the Federation of Banks and Paying Operators of Ireland (BPFI) of discrimination against cryptocurrency companies. In turn, banks refute all charges, notes Irish Times.

Ireland plans to become a global blockchain hab for investors

Irish State Reverse to attract foreign investment (IDA) intends to launch an online platform for the development of the country’s digital economy. About this writes The Irish Times.

"Color" Coinprism crypto -rope announced imminent closure

Coinprism Dublin cryptocurrency exchange, specializing in the so -called “color coins”, announced an imminent end of work. According to the message, users have time until March 31 to withdraw funds from the site and export their private keys.

Bracelet owners were presented, allowing you to pay for drinking cryptocurrency

Dash Core and Fasty have concluded a partnership and sponsored the annual World Award of Irish pubs in Dublin. This is reported by DashForceNews.

Three Russian startups received € 50 thousand from the State Agency Enterprise Ireland

According to the results of the competition of foreign fintech startups held by the State Agency Enterprise Ireland, three Russian projects received € 50 thousand investments. It is reported by Rusbase.

Enterprise Ireland State University announced the FINTEKTAPOV competition

The Enterprise Ireland State Agency announced the start of the Fintech Fund program for foreign startups, reports Rusbase.

Irish financiers are developing a blockchain platform for buying

Deloitte Consulting Company and the Irish Stock Association, whose members are 100 banks and law firms, announced the beginning of the development of the concept of blockchain platforms for submitting mandatory financial statements.

In Ireland, the creation of blockchain-associations has been announced

Blockchain Association of Ireland will officially start working on Wednesday, December 14, and sees its main task to turn the country into one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency and fintech.

Deloitte launches a blockchain laboratory in Ireland

The leading Consulting company Deloitte announced the creation of a blockchain laboratory, the main activity of which will be the development of applications for the financial services industry.

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